Gaming on Surface Book 2 Will Drain the Battery Even When Charging


KitGuru Says: The Surface Book 2 isn't marketed as a gaming machine, but the inclusion of a GTX 1060 means it should be very capable.

In other words, while the Surface Book 2 is well-equipped for gaming, sooner or later, you'll run into power-related problems that will either have you draining your batter or dropping frame rates. The spokesperson also confirmed that the battery "will never drain entirely".

Users have been complaining that the Surface Book 2 continues to lose power while gaming even if it's connected to a charger.

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It's worth pointing out that the Surface Book 2 doesn't have battery drain issues at all times, just during heavy GPU usage or gaming. Microsoft's solution is to throttle the hardware down to "better performance" or "best battery" settings, neither of which are great for most games you'll need a GPU for.

The Verge confirmed with Microsoft that it is indeed possible to drain the battery while charging under certain circumstances. However, in some cases, the device's battery may not be able to keep up.

We would think that Microsoft might provide a more powerful charger in the near future, but now this could be something as a bad review for a device launched just a month ago. Unfortunately, the Surface Book comes with a 102-watt charger, and only about 95 watts of that reaches the device, the Verge points out. In other modes such as "better performance" and "better battery", the operating system limits the power of the processor and the graphics chip to ensure increased autonomy, which results in the laptop being charged even when playing video games.

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The 15 inch device is shipped with a powerful quad core Intel Core i7 processor powered with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 discrete GPU, the most powerful GPU used in the device.

Consequently, the charger delivers less power than the device needs to work at peak performance, during heavy gaming sessions or other tasks that weigh heavily on the GPU.

On this occasion, our colleagues over at the Verge visited Microsoft's hardware lab to better understand what the company is trying to achieve with its hardware efforts. As for how rapidly the battery drains in max performance mode, it depends on the game but overall it's reportedly losing at least 10 percent per hour.

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