Melania Trump gets upstaged by K-pop star


Behind the First Lady is South Korean pop sensation Minho.

Trump is now on a 12-day-trip touring Asia.

The moment Melania realises they only care about the man standing next to her. Choi Min-ho, Actor and member of popular K-pop boy group Shinee, was standing behind him all along.

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Sporting the bold and attractive puffy sleeved attire, the US First Lady stood out when she accompanied Kim Jung-sook, wife of South Korea's President Moon Jae-In, at an event organised for the American leader and his wife.

USA first lady Melania Trump is greeted by South Korean middle school students, next to Choi Min-ho, a member of South Korean boy band Shinee, during a " Girls Play 2!"

While her husband was visiting Camp Humphreys, the new home of the U.S. Eighth Army, in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province, she traveled to Habib House, the U.S. ambassador's residence in Seoul.

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During the meet and greet session, teenage girls were seen smiling and talking to Melania. There, she attended the launch event of "Girls Play 2", organized by the embassy and aimed at giving girls more opportunities to play sports.

Mrs. Trump appeared to take it all in stride, and visibly cracked up at the girl's starstuck reaction to Minho. Instead, she stood there smiling at the girls as they enjoyed their fan moment.

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