AI Robot Writes Its Own Harry Potter Novel


There's even a Great Hall feast because what would any Harry Potter story be without a magical food moment? This means that the program studied the sentences of all seven Harry Potter books for patterns. (Photo: Warner Brothers)"Locked", said Mr. Staircase the shabby robed ghost.

There's just one chapter-"The Handsome One"- and in it Harry, Ron and Hermione once again save the day from Voldemort and the Death Eaters, with a surprising amount of hot sauce involved.

Using the suggestions from that keyboard, a team of 12 Botnik contributors put together a downright bonkers but ultimately narratively satisfying new Harry Potter story.

AI Robot Writes Its Own Harry Potter Novel
AI Robot Writes Its Own Harry Potter Novel

Ron tap-dances and begins eating Hermione's family, which garners a very mild reaction from Hermione herself.

'Ron's Ron shirt was just as bad as Ron himself'.

Ron Weasley in particular becomes a freakish caricature of himself, as a self-absorbed wizard that wears Ron shirts and uses Ron magic, least of all does "a kind of frenzied tap dance" and "eat [s] Hermione's family".

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"To Harry, Ron was a loud, slow, and soft bird".

You'll forgive me for the somewhat long introduction, as it serves to show we all have our own Potter-related origin story, and all of us millennials who were lucky enough to be a part of the first tier of readers are now happy to pass on the torch to the younger generations. They looked at the door, screaming about how closed it was and asking it to be replaced with a small orb.

'The password was "BEEF WOMEN", Hermione cried'. "Thank you very much", replied the other. Dumbledore smiled at it, and placed his hand on its head: "'You are Hagrid now'".

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Instead, an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm did most of the hard work, The Verge first reported.

"Harry tore his eyes from his head and threw them into the forest". What I particularly love about this is how the activities lean on the popular series in order to teach children some useful skills and tricks: making their own magic wands got them into arts and crafts, while a class on defence against the dark arts taught them how to defend themselves from bullying.

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