Astronauts aboard ISS throw first pizza party in space


In 2016, astronaut Scott Kelly returned to Earth after a record-breaking 340 consecutive days aboard the International Space Station.

The ingredients were delivered to the spacecraft after Italian Space Agency astronaut Paolo Nespoli "casually mentioned" how much he missed pizza. It was cooked several types of food according to the taste preferences of the crew.

Not the first time Italian astronaut prepares in the conditions of weightlessness. He mentioned that he was really missing his favourite food Pizza, so NASA chose to send him up the ingredients.

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To do the analysis, the team enlisted Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata, in space during 2014, to swab 15 surfaces in the space station-things like telephones, computer keyboards and air vents-and sent those samples down to Earth for processing. London, New York and California alongside fantastic natural landscapes across our Earth are seen from 250 miles above in Space.

Once heated, they throw the pizzas to each other like frisbees before eating them.

Paolo Nespoli, NASA's Randy Bresnik and party enjoyed the floating pizzas at the International Space Station. Today he has safely returned to Earth.

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The community of micro-organisms living on board the space lab is remarkably like that in people's homes, the research also found.

Earlier this year British spaceman how gross dead skin from his unused feet would float around the ISS "like parmesan" if he didn't take his socks off in the airlock.

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