Consuming cheese every day may reduce heart stroke risk


Volunteers eating around 40g a day - about the size of a small matchbox - saw the greatest reduction in risk to their health.

Here is good news for cheese lovers!

Cheese contains high levels of vitamins, proteins, and minerals which help fight cardiovascular disease. The Cheese particularly helps to prevent from cardiovascular diseases, the study further clarified.

In a report on their findings researchers said: "Cheese contains saturated fatty acids but also has potentially beneficial nutrients".

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However, the researchers couldn't tell what impact long-term cheese consumption can have on health.

The process could help regulate the hormone insulin, which controls blood sugar levels, and prevent the body from producing excess fat which commonly triggers diabetes and heart disease.

If you are the one who loves to eat cheese every day then it will put on a longer life on you.

Skipping the meal has been linked to atherosclerosis or the build-up of fats, cholesterol and plaque in the artery walls which can lead to various other conditions including heart disease.

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Those that were eating the above amount - which is only a few crackers worth of cheese - a day had less heart attacks and 10 per cent less strokes.

"This study suggests an inverse association between cheese and health".

Sophie Clarke, of the British Cheese Board, said, "Far from having a negative effect, a number of large studies have shown dairy products to have a protective effect on factors relating to heart health".

'While it is a widely held belief, our research shows that that's wrong'.

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According to, Aussies consume about 13kg of cheese per person a year - an average of about 35.6g a day, which is just under the recommended amount. Besides, it contains high levels of calcium which is good for bones as well. This is why the British Heart Foundation advises heart disease patients to forgo cheese and replace it with yogurt or milk.