Jimmy Kimmel's Roy Moore stunt sparks Twitter spat


Perhaps as a tactic to rile up support among his deeply conservative base while these allegations swirl around him, Moore has made a decision to pick a fight with that most reliable breed of boogeymen: a late-night talk show host.

"The law says that you are innocent until proven guilty, and I am a very big proponent of that", she said. Susan Collins, R-Maine, said Thursday that Senate Republicans will have little choice but to seat Alabama Senate hopeful Roy Moore if he wins next month.

The Twitter spat started after Kimmel dispatched "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" writer Tony Barbieri to an Alabama church, where Moore was giving a speech on Wednesday night.

After a prank at a Rally for Republican Candidate Roy Moore at Magnolia Springs Baptist Church Wednesday night, the pastor is seeking an apology.

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Thus far, the Team Moore game plan ever since the scandal (s) broke has been to ask voters to remember how much they hate all the people opposing Moore (including Democratic politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer), and Kimmel certainly fits that bill.

Moore, a vocal opponent of LGBT rights, told supporters that he's the victim of a "conspiracy" to derail his political career, which he blamed on "liberals, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders and socialist". "They're the Washington establishment.who don't want to lose their power".

"He was reportedly so flirtatious with young girls when he was in his thirties they put him on a watch list at the mall", Kimmel said of Moore during an opening monologue two weeks ago.

Moore is running for senate out of Alabama amid accusations of sexual assault and that he pursued relationships with teenage girls while in his 30s.

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A spokesperson for "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" said that the segment will air Thursday night. "It hurts them to think and see what I've been charged with", he said.

Moore has denied those allegations, calling them "completely false" and "dirty politics".

A special election for the seat is set to take place December 12.

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