Killer Flu Season Expected This Year


She said a flu vaccine helps more than the person receiving the shot.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports only sporadic cases of the flu in Wyoming, but there are more each week, indicating that flu season is approaching.

The vaccine now being administered to Americans uses the same formulation.

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Sign up today for a free 30 day free trial of unlimited digital access. CDC's Jernigan cautions there's no good way to predict how bad the upcoming flu season will be. And it states getting the flu vaccination is the single best way to protect yourself from the flu and its consequences.

While the focus on immunization is not necessarily new, there are some new developments and recommendations for the 2017 flu season. On average, the CDC says flu kills about 24,000 Americans each year, and last year, the toll included 105 children. "That's what happened in Australia and it is likely that that's what we're going to see here".

Universal flu vaccines could make the yearly flu shot - not to mention the yearly guessing game about which viral strains to match - a thing of the past. Researchers meet at the World Health Organization to identify the strains of the influenza virus they think will infect people in the northern hemisphere.

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"As we prepare for a potentially severe influenza season, we must consider whether our current vaccines can be improved", Fauci and his coauthors wrote.

Campbell County began reporting flu cases in September and October, which is earlier than previous year, Public Health Director Jane Glaser said. The CDC does not recommend nasal spray to be used this flu season. Instead, it seemed to be the mutant proteins introduced as the vaccines were being produced in eggs.

And for those anxious about allergies from eggs used in the production process, two more vaccines are egg-free.

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The figure below shows peak flu activity for the United States by month for the 1982-1983 through 2015-2016 flu seasons.