Mega Man 11 Coming in Late 2018, Watch the Trailer


Capcom revealed during a special Twitch stream celebrating Mega Man's 30th anniversary that all eight Mega Man X games are coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC sometime within the next year.

9 was released, it instantly found a spot on a list of some of the worst PS4 games available on the market.

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During the livestream we got a short look at Mega Man 11, which sports an interesting anime kind of style different from anything used in other Mega Man games. It didn't do combat right, it didn't do animations right, it looked garish and it left Mega Man fans crying like an anime fan on prom night. Unanswered questions include "when can we expect to see these games on any of these consoles?"

After dropping the news that Mega Man X1-8 was coming to all major platforms (including Switch), Capcom showed off a vignette that reminded us of Mega Man's past, stating that it would give us a clue as to where his "future" would go. Capcom's Koji Oda is directing the project, and it seems like Capcom is developing it all in house.

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Mega Man 11 is the next entry in the mainline Mega Man series, with it being the first new game since 2010's Mega Man 10.

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