Pennsylvania woman stunned by $284 billion electric bill


Mary Horomanski, 58, was not expecting to have to pay such an amount for her Eire, Pennsylvania, residence when she went to check her electric bill from Penelec.

When an Pennsylvanian woman went online to check her electricity bill this month, she was shocked to find that she "owed" more than $284billion. She wondered if her family had put up the Christmas lights incorrectly.

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Turned out, the Horomanski family didn't keep running up an electric bill more prominent than the GDP of generally states. The "good news" was that her minimum payment was only $28,176. If so has anyone been notified?

"In case I'm not mixed up, it's presumably higher then the national obligation", Horomanski wrote in a Facebook post on December 15., including: "So on the off chance that we offer all that we possess and then some quite possibly in 100 years it just might be paid off". The error was fixed to the right amount: $284.46.

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Her son quickly contacted Penelec - and was told it was an error. "So if we sell everything we own & then some just maybe in 100 years it just may be paid off", she wrote on a Facebook post on December 15. Mark Durbin, who is a spokesperson for Penelec's parent company, FirstEnergy, told the Erie News-Times, a decimal point was accidentally moved. In a statement to GoErie, a company spokesman said "we appreciate the customer's willingness to reach out to us about the mistake".

Horomanski's experience with the massive bill gave her an idea for a unique Christmas present.

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