Rain tomorrow evening, chilly temperatures by Wednesday


A strong cold front will bring widespread rain throughout this morning.

A steady northwest breeze tomorrow will send colder air into the Commonwealth for the rest of the week.

Overall tonight temperatures will drop to the upper 40s and low 50s so we'll be a little warmer than last night.

As of this morning, that is still the case.

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But mistrust mounted amid odd delays in the vote count and the sudden reversal of Nasralla's early lead. Hernandez held a lead of more than 46 000 votes over Nasralla before the last-stage count.

Today: Mostly cloudy, afternoon to evening rain.

Even colder weather is expected for Friday. Chance snow showers at night. Less than half an inch of rain is now expected in central North Carolina.

Clear and milder. Cold lows north of the around 35 with frost, protect pets/people and chilly south of the lake around 44.

Tuesday: Cloudy, cold and windy, high will struggle to get to 50.

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In response to this, Hoffman said "You weren't there", prompting Oliver to say "I'm glad". Hoffman asked that Oliver "keep an open mind" about the claims made against hime.

TOMORROW/THURSDAY: A pattern develops in which moist air rides up and over the cold air near the surface; this means cloudy, cold weather on these two days with rain at times.

Saturday: Breezy and chilly with highs only in the 30s. Temperatures stay warm into the early morning hours with upper 40s to low 50s likely setting the high temperatures for Wednesday before falling to lows by dawn around 40 to the middle 40s right in the city. The heaviest rain for the Charlotte area will likely be late Tuesday evening through about midnight. Then the temperature will drop like a rock into the lower 30s by the overnight and mid 50s during the day, which is almost a 20 degree difference from the beginning of the week.

It looks like the heaviest showers and thunderstorms will come along the cold front early, around 5-8 am as it sweeps across northeast Louisiana. Highs Saturday should be in the 40s but Sunday could only see upper 30s to around 40.

Sunday will be partly cloudy and cold. There may be some clearing late in the day, but the bulk of the clearing will take place overnight and that will set us up for a very nice day on Thursday.

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Nanzer said that they will be issuing the skins for the twelve inaugural season teams as official Overwatch League skins. Players can represent their favorite team by wearing the uniform skin in the game.