Rally to preserve Net Neutrality


"There's no one in the nation who doesn't rely on Internet for something - whether it's doing business, accessing the Internet to talk with friends and family, whether it's checking on the news - nearly everyone, virtually everyone at this point, uses the Internet". Or paying extra to stream your favorite show, on sites like Netflix.

In response to a November 21 tweet that announced the FCC's desire to roll back the rules, Tonko tweeted: "This is awful". The public relies on the Internet for many important daily functions, including educational research and political organizing.

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Internet companies, consumer-advocacy groups and Democratic officials have generally been in favor of net-neutrality rules.

Net Neutrality was created by the FCC to allow you to access pretty much anything on the World Wide Web. Pai and the two Republican commissioners have said they would vote for the measure while the two Democratic FCC commissioners oppose it. Internet service providers, such as AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon, must treat all data on the Internet the same.

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Shankland says tossing out net neutrality is all about the almighty dollar, and maintains that's the driving force behind the FCC's upcoming decision. "I think some of these companies want to slow down the Internet and charge people".

"If that were taken away from me or I had to pay a substantial amount on a limited law student budget to access YouTube, then that inhibits my education and my review for my final exams", said Couch.

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"After passing the July resolution, the City Council signed a letter to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai with over 60 other elected officials from around the country, urging the FCC to continue to operate under the 2015 Open Internet Order".