Shilpa stays away from faking friendships in the Bigg Boss House!


At the next buzzer, Puneesh stays out and Luv is eliminated from captaincy.

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Now, with Hina Khan and Arshi Khan as the remaining participants in the task, who do you think will be the next captain of the house? While Luv is trying to explain the situation, Priyank seems to be in no mood to listen. Well, Priyank says "yes", but in a non-committal way.

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At the end of the task only Arshi and Hina were left. Bandagi told that her relationship with Puneesh is true. Akash tries to aplogize to Shilpa and asks her to make up with Arshi. The task's second half will be continued tomorrow. It's time for the race of captaincy and we know it's not going to be easy now that the ninth week has started. Vikas tried his best to manipulate Arshi and plan blocking maximum parking slots, she did not pay heed to him. Priyank abused Luv, and he lost his temper. Luv Tyagi is seen talking with Priyank and Vikas Gupta about wanting to become the captain. Hina says that he can not go since the alarm will ring any moment. Vikas asked her to stop and not ruin his relations with Hiten. Vikas Gupta blocked Hiten Tejwani's way, thus, ousting Hina Khan from the race. Hina has Akash's miniature baby, whereas Hiten has Hina's. The fourth alarm Akash goes on to tell Hina he is not interested in the game and that she need not save him. The alarm rings and Hiten is in the living area. He goes, but Vikas blocks his way. Arshi began crying as Akash consoled her while Vikas confided in Hiten.

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Hiten teases them and calls them a young couple. Meanwhile, Arshi said she wanted to become the captain and would deliberately make Shilpa disqualify, and did exactly that. The race for captaincy was really strong between Hina and Aarshi and on tonight's episode, Hina will take the battle head on. Another alarm rings, and Vikas run towards the parking space, and parks the pram. Akash Dadlani calls Hiten a "loser". And Shilpa asks, "Will you save Puneesh during nomination if you become the captain?" Shilpa was visibly angry with his act and warned him not to do that again.