Singapore Airlines Decides to Reroute Flights as Measure against N. Korea Missiles


Early last month, US officials told CNN that the North was developing a new, more advanced ICBM, one potentially superior to the Hwasong-14 ICBM tested twice successfully in July. Korean Air hasn't specified how close its flight was to the missile.

Responding to queries from Channel NewsAsia on the safety precautions it was taking, Singapore Airlines said that its planes were not affected as it had already taken steps in July to reroute flight paths.

"We have been in contact with relevant authorities and industry bodies as well as with other carriers". For the time being, there are no planned changes to existing Cathay Pacific routes.

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"There are no current routes that fly through a unsafe zone", said an Asiana Airlines official. "We remain alert and review the situation as it evolves".

The closest shave was on Nov 29, where crew on at least three commercial flights from Korean Air and Cathay Pacific reportedly saw the North Korean missile in the air before it blew up near their location.

At the latest launch on November 29, flight crews on planes run by airlines such as Korean Air and Cathay Pacific reported sightings of missile activity while in the air. One of the missiles just missed hitting an Air France plane flying from Tokyo to Paris, France 24 reported.

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Meanwhile, tensions on the Korean Peninsula continue to escalate, with the US and South Korea launching major joint drills on Monday.

In response to the launch, President Trump said the United States will "take care of it".

North Korea has long objected against joint drills by the two allies, with Pyongyang's ambassador to the United Nations ruling out negotiations with Washington in November, citing America's "hostile policy" against his country and continuing joint exercises.

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Russian Federation and China have also called on a halt in the joint exercises as part of a so-called "double freeze" plan. The decision comes after Pyongyang's continuous missile tests in the Sea of Japan disregarding global opposition. However, the proposal was swiftly rejected by Washington over the summer. Lavrov slammed the comment as a "bloodthirsty tirade".