Sip and sleigh! Starbucks has unveiled a Christmas Tree Frappuccino


The whipped cream is topped with caramel drizzle, candied cranberries, and a dried strawberry "tree topper".

The festive Christmas Tree Frappuccino looks just like the Fraser Fir in your living room, minus the presents, the mess, and the inability to drink it.

Exclusive The drink is only available now through Monday in the US and Canada
Exclusive The drink is only available now through Monday in the US and Canada

The frapp is covered with a green matcha whipped cream to represent a tree. The Peppermint Mocha Crème Frappuccino base was delicious as ever, and the Matcha whipped cream was surprisingly subtle.

The drink is only available now through Monday at participating locations.

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Instagram and Twitter have already been flooded with images and reviews of the limited drink since it hit stores this morning.

O' Christmas tree, O' Christmas tree! It was a fun looking holiday drink with a minty sweetness to it.

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But you don't have many days to try it. Still good, though!' wrote one reviewer. This drink, however, breaks from Unicorn Frappuccino tradition in one crucial way: It actually tastes good.

There is no chain that offers seasonal beverages quite like Starbucks, and the coffee giant has come out with a new Frappuccino just in time for the holidays with its Christmas Tree Frappuccino for fans to decorate their Instagrams with. Enter me: sister, daughter, Bustle editor, and Starbucks Frappuccino-guzzling hero, here to answer any and all questions you may have related to this concoction.

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