Spotify releases '2017 Wrapped' which breaks down your year in music


Christmas came a little early this year! Spotify is relaunching their annual "Wrapped" feature allowing their users insight on what they have personally streamed over the past year.

You may have seen people sharing their Spotify stats on social media over the last day or two, as the streaming service has unveiled its "wrapped" aggregator to sum up your listening habits for the last 12 months.

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And for those always looking for something new to listen to, 2017 Wrapped even generates for you a playlist called "The Ones That Got Away" featuring tracks you've never heard before from artists you love - and artists Spotify thinks you'll love.

"Because in a year many wanted to tune out, music gave us a reason to keep listening", Spotify says. Then the system asks, "Do you really know who your top artist of the year was?"

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The website then quizzes you to see if you know your own musical tastes.

32,658 minutes of music amounts to 22 days straight! Ed Sheeran was the platform's most streamed artist globally in 2017 with 47 million monthly listeners, while his latest album, ÷, was played 3.1 billion times.

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