State lawmakers vow to push ahead with local net neutrality


He was recently named to head the congressional panel that would deal with such an issue.

It urges the FCC to cancel the December 14 vote that would allow internet service providers (ISPs) to block content, sites or apps if they disagreed with them or if they posed a competitive threat, and to establish different classes and prices of service for different types of content. Now, all websites are treated equally - whether owned by large companies or small start-up, supporters say.

The FCC proposal does require providers to disclose blocking or slowing down of access to content to their customers.

"A decision to repeal net neutrality would be tacking against strong headwinds of public opinion blowing in the opposite direction", Steven Kull, the director of the university program, said in a statement.

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"The future of the internet hangs in the balance", they wrote.

Pai's approach essentially lets ISPs pick and choose which net neutrality guidelines, if any, they want to follow. "There is obviously huge passion that follows the issue of net neutrality", Thune said.

The results paint the picture of an electorate that is largely at odds with the GOP-led Federal Communications Commission, whose chairman, Ajit Pai, plans to vote Thursday to lift key rules for companies such as AT&T, Comcast and Verizon. In a brief interview after a local event last month, Kinzinger said he was waiting to see what the FCC would do.

At its inception, Congress delegated to the FCC the primary responsibility to protect consumers and the public interest with respect to the nation's communications networks. Last week, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) introduced the Save Net Neutrality Act, which would stop the FCC from continuing its current proceeding and leave in place the 2015 rules. Res. 86) that negated a previous law protecting the privacy rights of individual internet users. Naturally, with Republicans in charge who are supportive of the FCC and focused on other matters, there's no traction behind it. He said Congress has limited powers to regulate the internet.

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"While we're not going to agree on everything, I believe there is much room for compromise", Thune said.

The candidate said the federal government needed to update anti-trust legislation for the digital age.

If this debated regulation is repealed, it may mean goodbye to open Internet, and hello to paying more in services or even a slower Internet speed. "I stand with the thousands of voters who have protested this repeal and others", Mohammad said. Many groups are already weighing litigation. "We won't be giving anybody a free pass, we will simply shift from one-size-fits-all, preemptive regulation to targeted enforcement based on actual market failure or anticompetitive conduct". But the arguments for and against the FCC proposal tracked the positions put forward by Internet providers, tech companies, trade groups and consumer advocacy organizations.

Democratic candidate Sara Dady, of Rockford, said it would be harder for people to access information on the internet without net neutrality. "No blocking, nothing stopping us from viewing anything but without this they would be able to do so", said Royer.

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Many observers have commented on the impacts those kinds of restraints would have on the free flow of commerce and information. "I have great fears in undercutting that". With your current proposal, you have now chose to throw overboard those long-standing responsibilities - and consumers with them.