Taylor Swift Makes 'Bomb' Cornbread, Says New BFF Tiffany Haddish


But arguably the greatest thing about it happened off-camera: Haddish and Swift became friends after doing the show together. "I told her I was from South Central Los Angeles and she told me she was from Brooklyn, and then we found out we both from the hood". We 'gotta hang out girl. But she's not slowing down there, we recently posted how she taught the famous Barbra Streisand about some mainstream tunes, filling her in on Cardi B. On Tiffany's recent visit to The Ellen Show she explains a little bit of how that went down.

Haddish added to her star-studded story by recalling her potluck with Taylor Swift, as the pair met at Saturday Night Live when Haddish hosted and Swift was the musical guest last month. Let's hang out!' I told her, 'If I come over, you 'gotta make me some barbecue chicken, some potato salad, and a brisket.

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So what's it actually like to dine at Swift's place? She can cook. Like the chicken was bomb.

When DeGeneres asked Haddish about Streisand, the comedic actress said, "We recently met at Ron Meyer's house, he's the chairman over at [NBC] Universal or whatever". In addition, the comedian continued, Swift's homemade cornbread that was also "bomb". She picks, washes, and prepares the dish with a smile on her face. Then when I cut them up, I smile. They call it joyful greens.And then [Swift] ate my greens. I have been wanting greens for so long.

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Listen, if Swift films a "Bad Blood" sequel, Haddish needs to be the star.

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