The US just vetoed a United Nations resolution condemning Trump's Jerusalem announcement


Turkey has been highly vocal in criticising the United States administration over its Jerusalem decision, leading calls at last week's 57-member OIC summit in Istanbul last week to recognise East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.

The United States on Monday vetoed a draft UN resolution rejecting President Donald Trump's decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital, after all 14 other Security Council members backed the measure.

The veto cast by US Ambassador Nikki Haley torpedoed the resolution but highlighted Washington's isolation over Trump's announcement that the US embassy would be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, effectively ignoring Palestinian claims on the city and triggering protests around the Muslim world.

It also called upon all countries to refrain from establishing diplomatic missions in Jerusalem.

The US just vetoed a United Nations resolution condemning Trump's Jerusalem announcement
The US just vetoed a United Nations resolution condemning Trump's Jerusalem announcement

"Since '67 Israel has controlled the entire city, but the global community there's been a consensus that until the Arab-Israeli conflict is resolved finally and peacefully that no country wants to prejudice the outcome of what's going to happen to Jerusalem because the original United Nations decision was that it would be held in an worldwide zone", Fischbach said.

Hakeem - who in a March article for the Washington Institute for Near East Policy stressed that Israel and Saudi Arabia face a common Nazi-like threat in Iran - said the "Arab mind must liberate itself from the legacy of [former Egyptian President] Gamal Abdul-Nasser and the legacy of both the Sunni and Shi'a sects, which has instilled for political interests the culture of Jew hatred and denial of their historic right in the region".

"This legitimizes and puts to rest any question that Israel is a country that will last forever", Berger said.

Krista Kafer writes that the decision to move the USA embassy in Israel to Jerusalem is unjust.

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"Treat Israel like other nations", Schwager said.

Schwager said in past presidential campaigns, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama all made commitments to move the embassy and recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

"Trump finally did it", Berger said.

The Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, tweeted: "Thank you, Ambassador Haley".

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"It's one more example of the United Nations doing more harm than good in addressing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict", she added. In a step, Trump seemed to basically hand the city to Israel. The Palestinians want the eastern sector as capital of their hoped-for state. To pass, a resolution must have the support of nine members and no vetoes by the U.S., France, Britain, Russia or China.

The one-page draft resolution reviewed by Bloomberg News "demands that all States comply with Security Council resolutions regarding the Holy City of Jerusalem, and not to recognize any actions or measures contrary to those resolutions".

Part of Mr Trump's announcement was that the U.S. would move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as well, but the move would likely require at least three to four more years of planning, construction, and budgeting. Trump insisted that after repeated peace failures it was past time for a new approach, saying his decision was based merely on reality.

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