Vivo Likely To Beat Samsung, Apple To Introduce Display Integrated Fingerprint Sensor


The company announced that it is going into full production with what it described as "top five original equipment manufacturers (OEM)".

Samsung's upcoming flagship Galaxy S9 smartphone was previously speculated to be the first device to come with the under-display fingerprint reader.

Just days after Synaptics announced the mass production of its in-display fingerprint sensor with one of the "top-five" smartphone vendors, it has now been revealed that Vivo is working with the company to build the advanced experience on a mass level. Today, the company has announced that Vivo's forthcoming will be shipped with Clear ID in-display fingerprint reader. Moorhead confirms it is very fast, simply placing a finger down on the screen results in an immediate unlock. In the company's press release, it specifically mentioned that the Clear ID fingerprint scanner is designed for smartphones with "infinity displays", which is also what Samsung calls the displays that are on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8.

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There are various benefits of having an in-display fingerprint scanner.

Vivo has been experimenting with phones with in-screen fingerprint sensors for some time now.

The rear mounted fingerprint sensor can give you a really hard time sometimes as you can touch the camera sensor and make it smudgy. And if the phone goes into production, it is very likely that people in the USA may not be able to buy it.

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In terms of the security, Moorhead has also clarified that Synaptics has built-in a separate encryption module to the Clear ID sensor while also allowing the hardware to interact with the phone's processor for authenticating the fingerprint.

In-screen fingerprint sensors have been considered as a natural evolution of modern biometric sensors as the smartphone displays this year moved to an edge-to-edge concept. In comparison with Qualcomm's fingerprint display technology, Vivo's had superior sensing capabilities. The Clear ID experience was "fast and simple", says Moorhead. Since the sensors are buried under the display's glass, it is also protected against water and scratches.

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