Arshi Khan is back in the house


Akash's journey in the Bigg Boss house has been of a roller coaster ride. The grand finale of the show will take place on the 14th January 2018.

Shilpa Shinde and Akash Dadlani have shared a tumultuous relationship on the show. While Luv clarifies his position through social media, Vikas calls Shilpa and Hina and tells them about it. While Akash and Hina Khan suggested that they take away her medicine for cold, Vikas said that he wished to flush her constipation powder down the drain. He says that she is making an issue out of this for no reason. Vikas and Puneesh count the votes and find that he had actually got only 293 votes.

The first round starts with Shilpa becoming the target and the rest of the contestants coming up with creative ideas to torture her. They recall that Luv had told Bigg Boss that he has got 393 votes.

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Shilpa picks Vikas' best jackets and hoodies and intends to put them in the paint. As we told you earlier, that the bold diva Arshi Khan was to soon enter the house. This time, they had a surprise guest join them as the judge of the task.

Recently, when the Bigg Boss conducted a press conference inside the house, housemates spared no opportunity to spew venom at each other. It all began when the housemates were given a task in which they had to choose amongst themselves as to who is the meanest of them and it is not surprising that they choose Akash unanimously without much fighting.

Everyone has to convince Arshi that they are the meanest by doing the meanest things to Shilpa. Akash gets the title. Vikas and Akash join the two women in the kitchen to crib to Arshi about Shilpa.

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Akash says Shilpa tried to molest him by slapping him on his butt.

Next is Vikas. Shilpa wins the next round by saying she will destroy Vikas' t-shirts and jackets. Shilpa teases Vikas a lot and finally gives up the task. When Akash slams Shilpa saying that she thinks she is the only one playing the game, Arshi hints that if one is bad to Shilpa in the house, the viewers or latter's fans go against them. Arshi approves her idea. But Vikas persuaded her with emotional blackmail, asked her to give up the hoodie she had picked up and choose three other shirts in its place instead as the hoodie was a gift and had special meaning for him. She says she can not do it even as Vikas thanks her for it. Shilpa reasons that just because everyone complains she does not do tasks, it does not mean she should do this task and sink to this level.

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