"Atlanta" Returns on FX as "Atlanta Robbin' Season"


Fortunately, one commercial break featured the trailer for season 2 of Donald Glover's groundbreaking FX show, Atlanta, and, in typical Glover fashion, it was cool as fuck.

Turns out it's a time in Atlanta that takes place right before Christmas and New Years were there's an uptick in crime in the city. Donald Glover said. "I think that's something people don't realize".

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Atlanta executive producer and writer (and Donald's brother) Stephen Glover agrees with the heightened anticipation of the show, given the times. "Tiny Toons Summer Vacation was broken up into a bunch of episodes, but if you watched them all together they were a movie", Glover said.

Late last week it was announced that season two of Donald Glover's hit show Atlanta was on the way on March 1. "You might get your package stolen from the front porch", he explained, adding that his neighbor got her vehicle stolen out of the driveway when they were shooting the second season. "It's a whole story, but told in a bunch of little parts". "It's a very unique experience in the south, which is a super-racist place, but at the same time, it's one of the blackest places in the world probably in terms of African-American". We tried to make the first season feel like you don't really know what's next because that's what really living is and that's what we're being paid to do. Glover then added: "Our characters are going through insane, desperate transitions so Robbin' Season is kind of a metaphor for all of our characters".

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The fact that Atlanta Robbin' Season has been turned around so quickly is actually surprising when we consider the increasing star power of each member of the cast.

"If you [look back at what you did before] as a producer of television or any sort of art, you tend to be risk adverse, which is really bad for art", Glover said. Alfred Miles (Brian Tyree Henry) is a new hot rapper trying to understand the line between real life and street life.

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It's where the environment was and that's the universe we were creating. "Not that you forget your old life, but now it's different, so what do you do?"