BMW M5 to reclaim world's longest drift with insane refuelling


BMW USA will be attempting to break the world's longest drift tomorrow.

The facts are thus: on 11 December 2017, BMW driving instructor Johan Schwartz drifted the all-new, 600bhp M5 around a skid pad at the BMW Performance Centre. It took eight hours of continuous drifting to complete, which is nearly hard to comprehend.

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BMW M5 to reclaim world's longest drift with insane refuelling

Now, coming back to the second record, BMW also set the record for the longest (water assisted) twin vehicle drift at 39.25 miles (63.1 kms).

BMW has reclaimed the Guiness World Record for the longest drift. BMW USA has just released a teaser video of the record attempt revealing a insane mid-drift refuelling stunt. Typically, the auto would just be fitted with a much larger gas tank.

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BMW apparently likes to do things the hard - and extremely badass - way.

However, to achieve this over an eight-hour period, BMW wants to somehow refuel the auto without stopping it.

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So rather than just stuffing a massive gas tank inside, BMW came up with a clever refueling system, not unlike how airplanes are refueled in the sky. This extra fuel tank, using a custom refuelling rig straight from the aerospace industry, stored 68 litres of fuel in just about 50 seconds, all this while both the cars simultaneously drift along the damp track.

BMW is looking to break the record for the world's longest drift in the new BMW M5, reclaiming the title after losing it to a Toyota 86 a few years ago. "In the end, the refueling system worked flawlessly and the M5 performed as expected". This had to be done five separate times throughout the course of the eight-hour, 232.5-mile drift. If BMW can manage that, then surely the F1 brain trust can figure out a way of pumping a little race fuel into its cars during a race without setting everything on fire or bankrupting half the grid.

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But the two records weren't the most thrilling part of the attempt. So, while Matt Mullin was driving the refuelling vehicle, a previous generation M5, Matt Butts, from Detroit Speed, was tasked with refuelling Schwartz's M5 by coming out of the rear window of Mullins' auto, while being suspended by a safety tether.