Connecticut Woman Fighting Cancer Married At Hospital 18 Hours Before Her Death


Heather Mosher, 31, of CT was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2016, the same day her fiancé Dave chose to propose to her.

"It reminds me of someone who is crossing the finish line of a marathon or something", 35-year-old David Mosher, told CBS-affiliate WFSB.

'Nobody thought she would've made it that far. "I had planned to ask her on December 23, 2016", said Dave Mosher, her husband.

David and Heather's love story started two and half years ago in May 2015 when they met at swing dance class. "The way we would talk about it, you always kind of felt this isn't it".

Heather was diagnosed with breast cancer on 23 December 2016 and David proposed the same day.

"She didn't know I was going to propose that night, but I said to myself, she needs to know she's not going to go down this road alone", David said.

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And he continued with the proposal as planned. In fact, it went on just as he envisioned it with a horse carriage ride under the night sky.

Five days later, the diagnosis was triple negative, one of the most aggressive forms of breast cancer.

He added: 'We would go to Dana Farber weekly, we were going to natural doctors.

After going through major chemotherapy sessions, doctors revealed to the couple that the cancer was just too strong and that Heather didn't have much time to live.

Then, in September 2017, came even more bad news-they learned the cancer had spread. "That morning we had gone to the doctor after she had found a lump on her breast". "She held out for the wedding ... a wedding with the man of her dreams".

But after medics advised David to move the wedding up as Heather may not make it, the pair got hitched in the hospital's chapel last Friday, the New York Daily News reports.

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"That moment right there was like, 'Death, I'm not afraid of you!"

"She's my great love, and I'm going to lose her, but I'm not losing her forever", Mosher told WFSB.

On Dec 22nd, in her wedding dress and lying in her hospital bed, nurses wheeled Heather down to the hospital's chapel, and the two were married.

Heather Mosher's friend, Christina Karas, was one of her bridesmaids.

"She was dying, and it was clear while we were all there that these were the last moments of her life", Karas, 36, told ABC News.

It was exactly a year since David had proposed and Heather had been diagnosed with cancer.

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"I knew it was going to be the last time we were going to be together in a love way, it just seemed like the strangest funeral I've ever been to", David said.