Draymond Green fined $25K for criticism of officials


Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green once again made a lot of headlines recently when he blasted the referees for how they officiate games.

"It's bad", Green told Slater. Five more this season and the Warriors star will be suspended for one game.

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"It's ruining the game". "It's bad. It's disgusting", he said. He will face an automatic one-game suspension if he gets 16 technicals, and a one-game ban for every two technicals after that.

Given Green's intensity and style of play, we have a feeling he'd end up loathing the "new crop" of referees in short time.

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"They can get a new crop (of referees), a whole new crop", Green said.

The idea that things have become so untenable that the league should replace its entire officiating crew seems radical, but Green truly believes that certain players, him in particular, are being singled out. I don't know what it is. However, he's not in everyone's good books these days; in fact, he's saying that his beefs with National Basketball Association referees are getting a little too personal for his liking. The league on the hand has been consistent in being on the side of the referees and is not allowing any player or coach to blast them publicly. But I think it's ridiculous. "Too much 'me against you.' It just don't work that way".

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Following Monday's shootaround, Warriors guard Stephen Curry defended Green, saying that officials treat Green unfairly because of his demonstrative reputation. I've seen way worse; had a blind eye turned to it. It's a give and take, but there have been more than enough instances where he's tried to compose himself and tried to have that communication and he's not given the benefit of the doubt. Curry was thrown out of a game early in the season against Memphis for throwing his mouthpiece toward an official.