Dunkin' Donuts cutting flatbread, some muffins from menu


Dunkin' Donuts is ringing in the new year with some changes to its menu.

Chris Fuqua, the company's senior vice president of operations strategy and supply chain, told the Boston Herald that the changes are meant to help maximize profitability for franchisees and streamline employees' work.

Even though Dunkin' Donuts has been expanding its business footprint, the company says it's now scaling back its menu.

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Among the items you won't see anymore - the strawberry banana smoothie and the steak and egg breakfast sandwich.

Dunkin' Donuts, you might recall, is in the process of decluttering. Franchises throughout the rest of the country will see the changes by March.

The company also announced it is removing artificial dyes from all doughnuts it sells in the United States.

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The company said the move was, "part of a larger initiative to offer our guests simpler ingredients and cleaner menu labels".

However, the cuts - which went into effect today in NY and New England, and will migrate sort of southwestward till they've reached every store by the end of March - still affect dozens of menu items.

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