East Jerusalem must be capital of Palestinian state: Jordan's King


Both leaders raised their concerns about the ongoing frustration over President Trump's declaration of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, and the potentially detrimental effect it could have on the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

"I had continuously voiced over the past year, in my meetings with Washington, my concerns regarding the US decision on Jerusalem that does not come as a result of a comprehensive settlement to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict", Abdullah said.

From Cairo, Pence heads to Jordan, where he will meet with King Abdullah, a close U.S. ally.

"We take no position on boundaries and final status".

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The President's decision sparked clashes in parts of east Jerusalem and the West Bank between Palestinian protestors and Israeli security forces. Many are angry about the Trump administration's decision to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and about reports that the vice president urged such a move.

In comments delivered in Egypt, he said Washington would support a two-state solution for Israelis and Palestinians if the two sides agreed to it.

"The United States has proven to be a dishonest mediator in the peace process and we will no longer accept any plan from it", Abbas said at a press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron last month, according to AFP.

Israel occupied the West Bank in 1967 and later annexed east Jerusalem in a move never recognised by the global community. "It is key to peace in the region and key to enabling Muslims to effectively fight some of the root causes of radicalization", King Abdullah II told Pence in Amman.

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At the weekly cabinet meeting Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said about the tweets, "It is a disgrace that MKs (Members of the Knesset) seek to boycott the speech". Pence went ahead with his four-day trip to the Middle East, citing national security and diplomatic reasons.

"He said to me about what he said publicly about a disagreement between friends over our decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel".

Former ambassador Shoval said it's possible that there could be a policy announcement while the Vice President is in Israel, but more than likely, the trip is to reaffirm the USA commitments to Israel.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has condemned Trump over the Jerusalem announcement and warned that the United States can no longer play any role in future peace negotiations between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

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