Emma Stone's Golden Globe Makeup Had A Hidden Meaning


In a HIGHlarious Facebook video posted on Monday, the A-lister explained to the Battle of the Sexes star about how she initially hired a glam team to come to her house so she could get party ready as Emma's date - except she wasn't planning for the starlet to cancel!

Keeping in mind the tone of the evening, Stone's stylist, Rachel Goodwin, made a decision to create a makeup look inspired by the colors of the women's suffrage movement. When Emma called her to say she'd rather have a night in (same, TBH) instead of going to the parties, Jennifer sent her team home and waited for her bud.

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Emma, 29, paired her asymmetrical Louis Vuitton dress with a bold purple lip and a slick of green eyeliner as she arrived at the glitzy awards ceremony with athlete and activist Billie Jean King. Purple symbolized loyalty and dignity (and also was known to symbolize royal blood in the British movement); white suggested purity; and green represented hope.

'I wanted to create a make up that would somehow be imbued with the message of female empowerment and solidarity'.

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In an interview with People, Goodwin explained how she arrived at the decision to use those three colors.

Goodwin said Stone's eyes are green, her lips and cheeks were purple, and there's white in her eyeshadow.

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The two shared more than a few giggles over the mishap, effortlessly embodying the type of I've-got-your-back camaraderie that have become their signature. "I wanted it to be a statement, still make her feel handsome, but this night had a bigger meaning, and this was a different way of approaching it".