Fog, Frizzle, Freezing Fog, and January Thaw


We'll wake up to temperatures in the 30s to near 40 Saturday. Enticing as that may sound, there will be some costs by the end of the week.

After subzero readings this morning temperatures will climb into the upper teens and low 20s this afternoon - as warmer temperatures move into the area this week. Showers will be a bit more intense than Wednesday's drizzle. That's the good news.after that, we have plenty of weather headaches on the way. Despite lots of sunshine, we'll only warm up into the low 50s. While highs will inch into the low 50s by afternoon, we'll be subject to a southerly winds at 10-20 miles per hour, so it will feel a bit cooler. We will be on the warm side of the storm. While fog will thin out as temperatures level off, occasional rain will spread in across Mid-Michigan. The combination of rain, melting snow and ice jams could lead to some flooding so that's something we'll need to watch closely. A few isolated light showers during the morning commute.

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However, a very strong cold front will cross the area Thursday afternoon changing the rain to snow with a threat for freezing rain. Models are now showing lots of rain ahead of a cold front that will begin diving into the area Friday. That will keep the occasional rain or drizzle chances going into Friday and some fog as well as the unseasonably mild air takes up residence over the colder ground and the quickly fading snowpack.

A winter weather advisory has been issued for freezing rain that will affect the Midcoast and mountains Wednesday night into Thursday.

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More snow will impact the Valley when the temperatures drop.

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