Google Bicycles That Go Missing Are 'Recycled' Via GPS


According to a recent article from the Wall Street Journal, the company maintains about 1,100 bikes on campus, but over the last couple weeks anywhere from 100 to 250 of them have gone missing each week. Google says between 100 and 250 of the 1,100 colourful Gbikes go missing each week, despite some being fitted with Global Positioning System trackers.

The bikes have shown up at local schools, in neighbours' lawns, at the bottom of the town creek and on the roof of a sports pub. One turned up in a TV commercial for the cosmetics brand Garnier; a Google employee noticed it when it aired. One Google employee pointed that out to the company.

The company started using the multicolored bikes - about 1,100 of them - as a perk for employees to get around to different locations on its grounds without having to hop into a auto or take a bus.

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In fact, even Mountain View's mayor, Ken Rosenberg, has admitted to borrowing a Gbike to go see a movie once. Some residents believe that offering the free bikes is a "friendly gesture" from Google. They have begun to take measures to prevent the bikes from being taken by anyone who is not an employee. Company transportation executive Jeral Poskey told the paper he once took action when he saw what appeared to be a homeless woman on a commandeered Google bike.

Google doesn't really want non-Googlers using the bikes, "but it's OK if you do", Veach explained.

According to a resident, entire families jack the free bikes, from grandma and grandpa to their grandsons and granddaughters.

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Tech giant Google has reportedly hired a team of 30 people to help locate the bicycles it provides to help staff get around its sprawling facilities. Slowly, Google will rebuild its bicycle empire and secure them using more preventative means including smart locks which only Google employees can open from their phone and Global Positioning System trackers.

The locals, however, do not feel there is anything wrong in using the Gbikes. It's hired a team of 30 contractors to retrieve bikes from around the city, and it is testing other solutions like Global Positioning System trackers and bike locks, according to The Wall Street Journal. The residents should have known that tech giant must have got Global Positioning System trackers pre-installed on its bikes.

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