Indie games Fe and Celeste are headed to the Nintendo Switch


There will be touch-screen functionality similarly to how the iOS version, though you can still play with a controller.

Wave 1 releases January 31st and will add Aegislash as a playable fighter along with Mimikyu and Mega Rayquaza as supports. On March 23, the second Wave will bring the battle character Blastoise along with a support set of Mew and Celebi.

We also get a new Kirby game with Kirby Star Allies. Co-op friends can also combine their abilities to produce new effects. Fe release date for the Nintendo Switch is February 16.

A demo for the Dragon Quest Builders Demo is now available on Nintendo Switch and it will be released by the end of this month. All maps, heroes, and DLC will be made available; we're talking content from both the DS and Wii U version, with a total of 29 characters. As a curiosity, Media Create has stopped reporting sales numbers for Wii U and PS3, which had a merely testimonial presence in the charts during 2017. It will be a paid DLC set to be released in spring 2018.

Nintendo has announced the sports game Mario Tennis Aces for the Nintendo Switch. Expect it for the Nintendo Switch this summer.

Vivo Showcases the World's First Smartphone with an In-Display Fingerprint Sensor
The handset was a bit slower in learning the contours of the user's fingerprint and unlocking the device using the fingerprint. Based on Vivo's press statement, the fingerprint scanner is placed between the OLED and glass panel covering the display.

The impeccable Super Mario Odyssey gets a new competitive game mode and an appearance by the well-known plumber's too frequently ignored brother. Additionally, the update will come with new outfits and new filters for Snapshot Mode. Updates will come with time, but you can find it in Spring 2018.

This fighting game lets you play as iconic heroines from SNK's history in two-on-two tag-team combat. In addition to the tried-and-true on-court action, Mario Tennis Aces will feature a full story mode, the first for the series in over a decade. It's coming this summer.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is getting new downloadable content, and it focuses on one of Nintendo's leading characters.

Yep. Payday 2 is coming with new features so that players can rob banks like never before.

Four brand-new cross-platform titles are also coming to Switch this year: Celeste, which won a coveted spot in the PAX 10 at PAX West last year, is coming to Switch on January 25.

Jimmy Iovine Set To Go away Apple Music This Summer time
Apple Music now has 30 million subscribers and is predicted to only increase thanks to even more exclusive content initiatives. Apple Music has nearly no exclusive content, and all the major streaming services are essentially the same.

Keen to continue supporting their released titles, Nintendo also announced several popular games will be seeing updates. Funky can use his surfboard to hover in mid-air and stomp on spikes.

Hyrule Warriors Ultimate Edition Hyrule Warriors Ultimate Edition will be the definitive edition of the game that will be available this spring.

In a surprise Nintendo Direct presentation, Nintendo announced a slew of new games and updates for the Nintendo Switch.

After releasing on the PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, and Xbox One, this co-operative multiplayer shooter graces the Nintendo Switch.

India to tour Ireland for T20s before England series
The Indian team is now touring South Africa for a three-match Test series, six-match ODI series and a three-match T20I series. India played Ireland just once in the T20 format when the two sides met in Nottingham during the 2009 World T20.