Instagram has a new feature: "Show Activity Status"


Instagram, however, gives you the option to toggle on/off this feature.

Instagram is rolling out an "activity status" in direct messages. And this means that all of the Instagram users who follow you are able to keep tabs on how long it has been since you last opened the Instagram app.

Apart from this, it has also come up with another feature that allows one to see if an account follows them or not. Separately, the site has been spotted testing features like text-only Stories and a screenshot security feature. With Instagram now owned by Facebook, it's no surprise they are taking tips from their older sibling. Users can also see Instagram explain you the feature under the "Show activity status" option.

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By turning it off your Instagram activity will remain hidden but so will the activity of everyone else. Instagram now notifies users of a screenshot only if the image or video is sent on Instagram Direct. In good news for the latter camp, the app has provided for an easy way to opt out of the feature. Interestingly, the feature works even if the person is not following your account.

Considering the alarming nature of the new update, further reports have taken the initiative to educate fans on how to turn off the new feature. The same feature can be seen on Facebook's app on Android and iOS platforms.

Whatever the reason, it can be easily turned off.

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To turn off the feature that allows people you've previously interacted with to see when you were last online, go into "Edit Profile", find "Show Activity Status", and toggle off the new feature.

So folks, this is what Instagram is adding for millions of its users.

What's your thoughts on this new Activity Status feature? Do share your thoughts and opinions in front of us.

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