Kelly Clarkson Defends Spanking Her Children


After singer Kelly Clarkson, the "American Idol" victor, stated that she spanks her children, and some accused her of abuse.

Clarkson says disciplining her tots can be awkward when she is outside the home because of other people's mixed views on smacking. For years, she said she has been trying to be on the show, but her pregnancies forbid her from working.

Kelly was wrapping up an interview with Ryan Seacrest when she spotted the actress, and immediately went to meet her, asking: "Can I meet you?!"

Kelly Clarkson: 'I find nothing wrong with a spanking' my children
'My parents spanked me and I did fine': Kelly Clarkson reveals she's okay with physically disciplining her kids

"I don't fault previous generations for spanking".

"I warn her. I'm like, 'Hi, I'm going to spank you on your bottom if you don't stop right now, like, this is ridiculous.' And honestly, it's really helped", she added. Clarkson said her 3-year-old daughter receives a warning first to give her a chance to behave.

Clarkson also opened up about her parenting skills during a press event for the upcoming series of U.S. TV talent show The Voice on Tuesday, admitting that she often cracks open a bottle of wine at the end of the evening if it's been a particularly tough day.

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"I'm not above spanking, which people aren't necessarily into, and I don't mean like hitting [River] hard, I just mean spanking", said Kelly, who also acknowledged that this parenting style isn't for everyone.

She said: "Meryl Streep caressed my face on the red carpet, so that would probably be my favourite moment of life - other than childbirth, I'm supposed to do that".

"I'm a well-rounded individual with a lot of character, so I think it's fine", she added.

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On Facebook, one parent shared, "I never spanked my kids".

"It's her kid if she chooses to spank or not spank".

"Good for her, parents today do not discipline their kinds and that's why there are a bunch of entitled brats running around the world who think they can get away with anything", another reader wrote. "If you have questions about disciplining your children, talk with your pediatrician".

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