Manchester United raise ticket prices for Sevilla supporters


The Champions League round of 16 tie between Manchester United and Sevilla has sparked a proper ticket pricing war between the two clubs.

"In this instance we believe that our travelling supporters are unfairly being subjected to increased/excessive ticket prices from the host club", wrote Sam Kelleher, the Head of Ticketing and Membership.

In an email to ticket holders for that game, Manchester United explained they would be refunding to them 35 pounds.

Sevilla insist they too will cover the additional sum for their fans and intend to contact UEFA over United upping costs and allocating them just 2,995 tickets in Manchester. The club will then use the €40 difference per ticket they stand to earn to subsidise their own fans travelling down to Sevilla for the return.

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United complained that Sevilla had unjustly bumped up their ticket price and, after failing to reason with their opponents, elected to match their £89 fee for away fans.

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Sevilla have threatened to report Manchester United to UEFA as part of the furious ticket row between the Champions League rivals.

United's move to charge Sevilla supporters £89 came after attempts to persuade the Spanish club to lower their prices failed.

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"We have received lots of requests from individuals and supporter groups to intervene in this matter".

To pay for that gesture, United also chose to increase ticket prices for Sevilla fans by £35 each in an effort to protest at what they see is unfair exploitation of their fans.

"Owing to questions of security, the Premier League club did not act in accordance with UEFA regulations - which dictate 5 per cent of the stadium's capacity (3,800 seats in this case) should be made available to the visiting club - when ticket prices were announced midway through December".

"We have been working with the club since the ridiculous £89 price was known to ensure our fans didn't end up paying this much".

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And they also claim United are in breach of rules because they charge different prices for home and away supporters. "We are delighted United have fought our corner on this issue".