Professor commends decision to classify gaming addiction as mental health disorder


The World Health Organisation (WHO) has listed "gaming disorder" in their recent draft of the 2018 International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11), which was last updated 27 years ago in 1990. The latter forms part of a section on addictive behaviours, and is described as a pattern "of sufficient severity to result in significant impairment in personal, family, social, educational, occupational or other important areas of functioning".

The current version of the ICD was released in 1992 and the new guide is set to be published this year. "Our data show a clear and consistent pattern in which video game problems are associated with poorer health", the researchers found.

"It could lead to confused parents whose children are just enthusiastic gamers", he said in a BBC report this week.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) ended 2017 by dropping a massive bomb on the video game industry, classifying gaming as a health hazard. We strongly encourage the World Health Organization to reverse direction on its proposed action'.

The issue is gaining particular attention in South Korea - home to a strong gaming industry and an avid gaming population - which has always been caught between the responsibility to fight adolescent game addiction and the need to promote the country's thriving gaming sector. Gaming disorder finds itself categorized under 'disorders due to addictive behaviors or substance use, ' which just so happens to place it alongside gambling disorder.

At least now, with the official recognition of gaming disorder, you have useful ammunition for confronting anyone you know, who you think might be spending an unhealthily obsessive amount of time playing games.

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Does everyone who plays video games have a gaming addiction?

As Cinemablend notes, the decision by the World Health Organization to label gaming as a disorder is being taken seriously by those in the community for fear that it would lead to further stigmatization.

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