The Fisker Emotion Is The Achingly Pretty EV With 24-Inch Wheels


It features "multiple" electric motors on board, producing more than 575kW of power (or 780bhp) to all four wheels. The EMotion is AWD and rolls on 24-inch low rolling resistance Pirelli tires.

The all-wheel-drive Fisker EMotion will have an estimated top speed of 161 miles per hour. Like the BMW i8, McLarens 720S and F1 and LaFerrari - among many others, we add this: the new Fisker EMotion. Later on, the vehicle will adopt the company's patented flexible solid-state battery technology.

CES 2018 Fisker EMotion unveiled at $129,000 to take on Tesla Model S
The Fisker Emotion Is The Achingly Pretty EV With 24-Inch Wheels

The EMotion has four butterfly doors, similar to the Tesla X, and sports rear-hinge doors on the back of the vehicle.

Although the makers are being a little cautious with details at the moment, we do know a big part of the reason for the car's outstanding range is a massive 143 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, which can be charged enough for a 125-mile range in as little as nine minutes.

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It's built from carbon fibre and aluminium, and features elements designed around the LiDARs dotted at the front and rear of the vehicle. For owners that don't want the leather seats, Fisker will also offer a vegan option.

Inside, there are three screens streaming information to the driver - one curved infotainment screen atop the dashboard, one more iPad-like device in the central dashboard beneath it, and one in place of traditional dials.

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In the rear, a curved 27-inch is an optional extra for people who want to opt for the Chauffeur Edition EMotion.

The auto will be available from 2019 in the USA, costing a staggering $129,000 (£95,000), and while you can't get in the driver's seat straight away, you can put a $2,000 deposit on the EMotion. But while Fisker has talked quite a bit about the EMotion, it still hadn't been given an official debut. It's also been installed with technology that makes the vehicle primed and ready for any future self-driving functionality, hinting at a possible future for the EMotion. The glass roof features four zones of tint, each electrically adjustable to let in your desired amount of light.

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It'll be Made in America, at a location to be divulged during the second half of the year, though there's no current word on prices.