Trump puts federal libel law on 2018 agenda, escalating complaints against media


Trump's eldest son, Donald Jr., has said he arranged the meeting at Trump Tower - which also involved Paul Manafort, Trump's former campaign manager, and Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law and adviser - because he had been told the Russian lawyer would provide damaging information on Hillary Clinton. Bannon liquidated his equity stake in the operation when he left for the White House, leaving him with a greatly diminished say in the matter.

After resuming his position at Breitbart, Bannon set out to challenge Republican incumbents deemed insufficiently loyal to the Trump administration.

If Breitbart slips in Bannon's absence the Daily Caller, increasingly moulded by Johnson, is a prime candidate to replace it at the centre of the conservative internet. The President, who usually manages to insult anyone on his crosshairs within the character limit of a Twitter post, issued a 266-word statement on January 3, in which he disavowed and humiliated Mr. Bannon.

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By now that judgment is so well proven that even Trump has pretended to hardly know Bannon despite the obvious fact that Bannon did more than anyone to win the election for Trump.

Mr. Bannon had already been on the outs with his former Prince for taking all the credit for the latter's improbable and regrettable election victory.

The Trump White House was staffed by nationalists who adhered to Mr. Trump's campaign agenda and globalists who toed the traditional Republican line on trade and immigration, leading to a fierce battle between the two sides for controlling the administration. "It becomes relevant, because many of us who read the book, and I read the book, are trying to understand where the White House denies it, well what's true and what's not true?" But it is the on-the-record quotes Mr. Wolff attributes to Mr. Bannon that really led to the catfight Politico has described as "perhaps the most vicious falling out between a president and a former aide in modern history".

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Reuters reports Bannon will sit down on Capital Hill on Tuesday.

But applying this rule that when push comes to shove Trump ultimately only cares about himself and his family also helps explain why Bannon's demise does not mean the end of Trumpism.

"Well, I don't know", Wolff said initially, before going on to explain, "I did not say, 'You know I hate you and I'm opposed to you and good riddance to you, as much of the media has basically said".

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