Trump Voter Roseanne Barr Plays Herself in Sitcom Revival


One of the major revelations that comes early in the new nine-episode season is that Roseanne herself is a Trump supporter, which leaves the Conner family very divided politically.

There might be a lot of nostalgic, feel-good vibes surrounding ABC's revival of "Roseanne", but they weren't always evident when the cast and producers participated in a tension-filled panel session here at the Television Critics Press Tour.

Roseanne Barr for Commander-in-Chief?

"My children took my Twitter password away from me, which is kind of disturbing because so much is going on this week", the grandmother of six said. "I would really like to see an end to hatriotism in this country", she said. "And I did run in 2012", she said.

But Barr leapt back in: "Speaking of racism, I'm just going to say it". Jackie, as it turns out, voted for Hillary Clinton, while Roseanne is proudly Team Trump. "I always tried to have [the show] be a true reflection of the society we live in", Barr said. "And in fact it was working class people who elected Trump", Barr said Monday.

This shouldn't be much of a surprise, as Barr has been known to publically support the president.

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"It's always a lesser of two evils", Barr continued, added that one reason she "could not vote for Hillary Clinton is because of Haiti". She stresses that she didn't want her own political personality "to overshadow the show". "We did have a wonderful opportunity to talk about this in the context of a family", Gilbert explained.

But, she added, "Hating people for the way they voted, I feel, is unAmerican".

Roseanne - and Roseanne Barr's - support of President Trump, which is touched upon in the premiere, led to several tense moments.

"I do love Oprah".

"I do love Oprah". But you know what? But she supported Trump because "it was time for us as a country to shake things up and try something different".

"I'm not a Trump apologist", she said. Comment below, let us know!

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Still, Barr was very reluctant to engage, deferring to executive producer Bruce Helford time and again.

The original show does have other themes that have carried through. Whitney Cummings executive produces alongside Tom Werner, who served in the same capacity on the original. Okay, guess we'll just keep waiting for that! Sarah Chalke, who played the character Becky in later seasons, will also appear in another role. "Like the death of Dan, there are little clues that go along that explain certain things".

Joining the discussion, cast member Sara Gilbert pointed out that, "people feel they can't disagree and still love each other or talk to each other".

Some other characters will be returning.

It's official: Roseanne's BFF, Crystal, portrayed by Natalie West, will be back for season ten! As to when each will be back?

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