White Cadbury Creme Egg debacle gets worse


But it's not just the prestige (and the inevitable Instagram) people are after - you can win money by finding the white eggs.

Not only has Cadbury added their Creme Eggs to the mix, they have replaced fruits with more chocolate - which sounds like an excellent choice.

Supermarket staff have been accused of unwrapping Cadbury Creme Eggs before putting them on the shelves as people hunt for a white version.

White Cadbury Creme egg
Looking for a white egg? There's one way to tell at a quick glance

With a reported prize of up to $3,500 on offer, the competition has already come under fire following reports some less-than-hygienic customers and shop workers are surreptitiously unwrapping scores of eggs to try and find them.

The prized white eggs are on sale in branches of Tesco, Sainsbury's, Co-op and a selection of newsagents across the country.

The traditional confection consists of a milk chocolate shell around a creamy orange and white filling that resembles a raw egg white with a yolk.

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Ryan Reeves, from Essex, tweeted a picture of pile of tampered with eggs and said ' The search for a white chocolate creme egg has gone to your employees heads clearly'.

The packaging of a Creme Egg is a foil wrapper, neatly folded around the egg. Creme egg themed trifle.

They could be hidden inside single wrapped eggs, which cost around 58p, or in five packs which cost £2.85.

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Manufacturers have confirmed there's an extremely easy way to identify the white eggs, which are only available in UK. Most eggs will score you around 100 pounds ($136 USD) but 34 of the eggs are worth 1,000 pounds ($1,355 USD). Co-op also has 90 more winning eggs which will let lucky shoppers take home £200.

There are even more eggs on offer in the United Kingdom with a prize of £1000 on offer - as well as a one-of-a-kind £2000 egg.

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