YouTube offers non-apology over Logan Paul controversy


"You're right to be", the company said.

In a series of tweets on Tuesday, YouTube acknowledged their silence on the video post, adding that their users "deserve to know what's going on". "Suicide is not a joke, nor should it ever be a driving force for views".

YouTube concluded its statement by admitting it had taken a long time to respond to the issue. "We expect more of the creators who build their community on YouTube, as we're sure you do too".

While vacationing in Japan, Paul, along with a group of friends, traveled to the infamous "Suicide Forest" located at the base of Mount Fuji.

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After the video was deleted, Paul's account was marked with a strike for violating the company's policies on violent or graphic content, YouTube said.

YouTube also came under scrutiny for not taking action.

Within the community of prominent YouTube creators, many of whom make a living by making videos, there is curiosity and concern about what YouTube might do next.

What Logan Paul did, albeit unintentionally, was illustrate in one single vlog a disturbing truth that has been behind many of YouTube's most recent controversies.

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The statement hinted at potential changes to YouTube's policies and algorithms.

Showing his honest feelings about Paul's videos, Yuta makes some stern statements towards the end of the video, saying "YouTube is's like they're sending a message saying you can be as anti-social as you want, as long as you don't talk about politically sensitive topics".

If Paul really wasn't doing it for the views, he wouldn't have gone through all the effort to promote the fact that he actually saw a dead body.

In the clip, Yuta takes issue with the way Paul shows no respect during a scene filmed at Asakusa's sacred Senso-ji temple, where he talks loudly, acts obnoxiously and rudely hurls coins into the offering box in front of praying visitors.

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Paul, who called himself an online jokester, offered apologies after the video was removed.