A Boston Dynamic Robot Has Figured Out Door Levers. Sleep Tight!


Another robot quickly comes to the aid and extends his clawed arm or paw to grab the door handle. In the video, the updated dog-like robot is seen opening a door using an articulating arm and clamp.

The terrifying video has led one commentator to write on YouTube: "Doors can no longer stop them, we're doomed'".

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The base version of the SpotMini is a four-legged bot that trots around like a canine. In terms of specifications, SpotMini measures 0.84m in height and weighs 25 kg and an additional 5 kg if its arm is included. The robot-dog was introduced in 2016 advertising that it can wash dishes, pick up the trash and complete other simple tasks to help around the house. It is battery operated which offers up to 90 minutes of power on a single charge.

The video proved too much for Corbynista and Guardianista Owen Jones, who tweeted out Boston Dynamics" video along with the words: "OK so we're all going to die'. Yeah? Well now Boston Dynamics' rather unnerving SpotMini dog can do it too. It isn't clear if the robots are acting autonomously or if someone's controlling their movements behind the scenes.

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At the time, it was welcome news for what was a struggling company financially after the Google-owned firm spent a year in limbo on the hunt for a new buyer.

Scientists and engineers at Boston Dynamics have created a robot dog that knows how to open doors without any help from an outside source.

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Back when the SpotMini was first introduced in 2016, before Google sold Boston Dynamics to Japanese company SoftBank, the warning signs of the robots' unsafe abilities were already in place.