Apple HomePod Launches With Big Sound-and Even Bigger Questions


That said, the tests also showed that the HomePod offers better listening skills than the other smart speakers, mostly due to its noise cancellation feature. At $349, Apple's addition to the market won't be for everyone, but if you're looking for an affordable and semi-portable speaker that delivers unmatched sound, the HomePod should do the trick.

What's more, Alam's measurements found the HomePod to provide a "near-perfectly flat frequency response", meaning it stays accurate to a given track without pushing the treble, mids, or bass to an unnatural degree.

Therefore, it's probably wise to ditch the home tools in favour of Apple's official repairs option when dealing with a broken HomePod. Apple shares are up 2.4% Monday and 21% over the past 12 months. Unlike most other devices however, the disassembly took a lot more effort, including the use of a hacksaw, which is why the HomePod received a repairability score of just 1 out of 10.

If the reasons mentioned above aren't good enough to keep you away from a Homepod, you can get one here.

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HomePod's audio performance would cement it as the best smart speaker for music lovers.

And when it comes to smart speakers, audio has been the pain point.

There are tons of things going on inside the Apple's HomePod and it's really interesting to see what's inside. And while it's not available yet, the HomePod will eventually be capable of stereo pairing, which means you can have two HomePods sync to create a fuller, more immersive sound.

Apple Music doesn't yet have the same global dominance as the music streaming service Spotify. One HomePod is surely better than one Sonos One.

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Some new HomePod owners are hitting a problem that prevents them from setting up the device. I wouldn't be surprised if HomePod stays iOS only for a long time, or for good. Siri will also not let you turn up the volume so you can take the speakers to a sound level where you can hear how awful it is.

Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced the HomePod at a keynote address in June 2017, saying that it would "reinvent home music".

Equipped with a seven-tweeter array and a high-excursion woofer, the HomePod provides crisp, clear sound and deep, rich bass-an audio quality with which its more ubiquitous Amazon and Google competitors can't compete.

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