Bill Paxton's Family Slaps Cedars-Sinai Medical Center With Wrongful Death Suit


The actor, 61, died of a stroke almost one year ago following a heart surgery for aortic aneurysm fix.

The family of Bill Paxton believes his death a year ago was preventable, according to a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family against the hospital and surgeon who treated the late actor. During the course of that surgery, the doctor, the hospital and up to 100 other unnamed individuals "acted negligently and/or recklessly and provided harmful and/or offensive management and treatment of (Paxton) thereby causing his death", the lawsuit states.

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The USC report added that Paxton's surgery likely resulted in something getting loosened up and traveling to the brain or a blood clot forming and traveling to the brain. "That's one of the classic surgery risks and something that should be part of any conversation with a patient before a surgery", the report said.

The lawsuit claims that Khoynezhad misrepresented the risks of the surgery and failed to reveal the "unconventional" nature of the procedure that was not within the scope of the doctor's experience and privileges. The family alleges that Paxtons doctor recommended an unconventional surgery without explaining the risks.

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According to the suit, Dr. Khoynezhad used a risky procedure that resulted in Bill Paxton suffering a stroke. And that "continuous care and coverage" was not provided during the time that the doctor was away from the patient. When notified of the complications, he failed to return to the operating room in a timely way, "causing a delay in treatment resulting in damage", the complaint said.

Paxton's widow Louise and their children James and Lydia say that the Apollo 13 and Terminator star went on to suffer multiple complications including excessive bleeding and cardiogenic shock, where the heart muscle is so damaged it can no longer pump enough blood for the body.

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Attorney Steve Heimberg noted in a press release accompanying the lawsuit that Khoynezhad left Cedars-Sinai shortly after Paxton's death. When Maron asked if the fever had caused such damage to Paxton, the actor said, nearly reluctantly and painfully, "Well yeah". He was starring in the TV series "Training Day" when he died.