Governor Rejects Proposed Congressional Map


Turzai and and Scarnati gave Wolf their map changes early Friday evening to comply with the court's mandate. If not, the court has indicated it may develop one of its own.

Perhaps because Southeast Pennsylvania region has been so legislatively divided, its elected local officials are coming together in supporting the resolution calling for a new way of creating those districts. They offer data suggesting that their proposed map is as compact as numerous 500 non-partisan plans that Petitioners' expert Dr. Jowei Chen presented at trial, but this is not true. Those counties are now part of either the 10th or 11th districts.

But there was little evidence of Democratic backlash against President Donald Trump and his party that spurred a series of upset victories in GOP-held districts across the country.

In 1992, the court crafted the state's congressional map after the General Assembly could not agree, Madonna said. "I doubt that's going to happen, but House Democrats will continue to work with whoever will work with us".

Beyond incumbents, there are more than 60 candidates running for Congress statewide.

In 2016 Democrats won a majority of Congressional votes but the Republicans won 13 seats and the Democrats won five. The districts comply with the Voting Rights Act. Produce your map and we will put it up for a vote.

Efforts to reach Marino on Saturday were unsuccessful. That seems unlikely. If he rejects the maps as being partisan-biased, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court will have an independent expert from Stanford draw the new maps from scratch.

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The map by House Speaker Mike Turzai and Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati would reduce dozens of municipal or county divisions while keeping almost 70 percent of state residents in their existing districts.

State Rep. Mike Carroll, D-118, Avoca, took issue with two state lawmakers out of 253 drafting the plan.

Senate Republican Caucus spokeswoman Jennifer Kocher defended the map Monday.

The petitioners in the case also complained that GOP leaders cooked this up privately instead of involving any Democrats or holding hearings.

Val DiGiorgio is with the Republican Party of Pennsylvania.

"What frustrates me the most is the lack of willingness to abide by the legislative rules here", he said.

However, the governor isn't the only one giving the proposed congressional map a closer look.

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"At the end of the day, no matter who draws the maps - whether it's the legislature, the governor or the courts - Pennsylvanians deserve legislative districts that are fair to all voters, that are produced with complete transparency with respect to the data they used to draw boundaries, and that maintain racial equity for communities of color throughout the commonwealth".

In fact the 6th District was cited in testimony before the supreme court by resident of Exeter Township in Berks County as an example of gerrymandering.

"A few weeks ago, when we started talking about this, we didn't at all anticipate that it would be on the heels of a Pennsylvania supreme court decision, so we could not have timed that any better", he said.

Wolf pointed to several experts who said the newest GOP map was partisan.

"It's a good wake-up for state officials, for people in the state, to recognize that gerrymandering is a big problem", Harris said.

Wolf has until Friday, February 16th to submit a map to the state Supreme Court which said the previous map was unconstitutional.

Delaware County - and the 7th District - is likely to be at the center of the cauldron that is shaping up in the 2018 mid-terms. The proposed 11th District appears to exclude Wyoming and a handful of other counties.

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