Team Canada gets its first gold medal of the PyeongChang 2018 Olympics


And it was certainly a gold worth watching.

But with Virtue's legs wrapped around Moir's neck for much of the performance, it could easily be argued they were still getting viewers a little hot under the collar.

The first team event was the men's short program, where Nathan Chen placed the United States in fourth, earningseven points.

Truth is, he had help. "We've really bonded during these competitions".

Four years later, they did exactly that. "This was important and our whole team was full in to win this".

Zagitova said she was nervous for Monday's skate, but the pressure will be less for the individual competition. "I achieved a big thing, which was to land the two big quads in one programme", he said. Canada's Gabrielle Daleman finished third, just a hair behind Nagasu at 137.14. At that point, Canada had 63 points to Russia's 58 with just one ice dance remaining.

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The pair won ice-dance gold at the 2010 Games before claiming silver in 2014.

With three events remaining, including Chan in the men's skate, there was more than enough room for Russian Federation to catch up if any of the remaining Canadians faltered.

"That was so great to hear from my team", she said. "We believed in ourselves and talked about it as a team. We are so proud to be a part of it". Their skate through the soundtrack of Moulin Rouge featured a lift which quickly had her vagina close to his face, and that's too sexy for the world stage.

There was no indication from Chan that it felt like a burden on Monday.

"It is an wonderful day but it started in the worst way with the fall after the first 100 meters and a broken pole", said Krueger. The 15 year old trains alongside Yevgenia Medvedeva, and a showdown is expected between the two for the Olympic gold in the ladies event.

Most importantly, he bumped Olympic Athlete from Russia Mikhail Kolyada into second spot. "This is my experience of being Canadian, and the experience I want for my daughters".

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Chan scored a season-best 179.75, but he fell once, put his hand to the ice on another jump and cut short a combination. "I remember looking out the window at the skyscrapers there", he said. "I'm there always. The one common denominator is the triple Axel". I just sat there like a statue.

"When his marks came up was when it really kind of hit me for the first time", Radford said of Chan's performance.

In the pairs' free skate, the Knierims were back in action, but they were once again upstaged by the Canadian and OAR teams.

"At the end of the day a medal is a medal. I think the callers are being extra strict and fair, but I hope that from now to the individual event, everybody will train a little bit more and that will see the technical scores go up". What I saw was a step in the right direction.

The 27-year-old figure skater from Toronto unfurled two lovely quadruple jumps and a season's best score as part of Canada's gold medal in the team event. "We can now embrace each other and know that we collectively did something awesome".

Everyone knows that medals and points are for avid sports fans. And this Canadian team is full value for it.

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Looks like the ice is in no danger of melting... unless Moir and Virtue have something even more steamy up their see-through sleeves! It didn't quite work, but the gesture captured the unity and spirit the Canadians have brought all week to the team event.