What's the secret political meaning behind the dress in Michelle Obama's portrait?


Also unveiled Monday was a portrait of former first lady Michelle Obama by artist Amy Sherald, who is based in Baltimore.

However, people on social media were reminded of other things when looking at Obama's new portrait.

Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks were among guests at the unveiling.

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Typically, an official presidential portrait unveiling at National Portrait Gallery might be a ho-hum affair, even with the traditional pomp and circumstance. White House chef Sam Kass and political journalist wife Alex Wagner joined the crowd with their adorably suit-clad infant son.

Of all the designers who have had the chance to grace Michelle Obama with their art, one stands out among the rest.

The Hannity article said that the purported sperm in the Obama painting was part of a "shocking" and "widening scandal" about the portrait. Once black cloths were removed from the towering portraits on stage, Skorton's words rang true.

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President Obama perhaps foresaw the conversation that would be sparked by the paintings. The event, which in past years has played out as a routine ceremony, felt momentous as portraits showed the first African American couple in the White House by the first African American artists to be commissioned for the task. Ultimately, the former First Lady chose a look that was almost identical to that from the runway, save for a slightly more covered dress.

The artist who painted former President Barack Obama's official presidential portrait unveiled Monday is facing scrutiny for past works that depict black women decapitating white women.

The Obama portraits will join the "America's Presidents" exhibition at the gallery and will be made public on February 13. She is pictured sitting coolly and nearly contemplative in a billowing geometric gown by Milly. The racializing schema of Sherald's work is to "exclude the idea of color as race", she has said, in her artist's statement. "We're still trying to express our identity... when we do see ourselves we're sort of taken aback". Mrs. Obama's face forms the composition's peak, but could be nearly anyone's face, like a model's face in a fashion spread. "She turned to me and said, 'I really hope that you and I can work together.' " That's when "Barack kind of faded into the woodwork", she recounted, and she and Sherald quickly bonded with "that kind of sista-girl connection" and trust a successful portrait requires.

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"How about that? That's pretty sharp", Obama joked, as he thanked staff and friends in attendance. The jasmine represents his childhood home of Hawaii and African blue lilies serve as a touch to his late Kenyan-born father, Barack Obama Sr.

"From the greenery sprout flowers that have symbolic meaning for the sitter". Folks on the internet don't seem quite sure what those questions and answers might be - but they definitely had some opinions to offer on the matter just the same. You can appreciate their aesthetic or look for all the deeper political meanings in it.

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