Amazon launches free Games with Prime program for Prime subscribers


If you register at Twitch you can link you Amazon Prime account with your Twitch account and use it for several current perks, but this new one being announced has a very nice ring to it: Free Games!

Twitch Prime Users will be given select PC games from Amazon's archive for free, on a monthly basis. It's just that under the new "Free Games With Prime", subscribers will now gain this benefit every single month.

Image Courtesy of Ars Technica
Image Courtesy of Ars Technica

Starting tomorrow, on March 15th, Amazon Prime members who have linked their Twitch accounts will be receiving Superhot, Shadow Tactics, Tales from Candlekeep, Oxenfree and Mr. Shifty all for free.

Eight games from the Twitch Prime Indie Amplifier will also be free over the next few months, the company said. The lineup of free games is heavily oriented towards indie games right now so it will be interesting to see how it evolves over time, similar to Games with Gold and PlayStation Plus.

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The merger has already released free games through Twitch, for example, Devil May Cry HD for the PC.

That's 10 games in the next two months, all for FREE and yours to keep forever.

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The program was launched as a response to the success of to the Twitch Prime Indie Amplifier. And the best part is the fact that the games were chosen by members themselves when Twitch presented them a list of games.

A new set of games will be available from 1 April: Tales from the Borderlands, SteamWorld Dig 2, Kingsway, Tokyo 42 and Dubwars. Users need to act within that timeframe or else the listing will get refreshed with other titles. At current pricing, Prime membership's run $99 annually with a 30-day free trial, or $12.99 per month.

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