American Idol 16 premiere: Dennis Lorenzo's audition closes out the show


"It was really awesome because they kept saying they loved the depth of my writing", she said. The judges seem uncertain.

Perry, 33, amazed fellow judges Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan and an "American Idol" contestant by protruding her neck in-and-out like a frog. Ron is called back in, Lionel couldn't get him off his mind and has changed his vote to a yes, Ron is going to LA! She's sensitive to what the contestants have gone through, but Perry also knows that nearly every successful singer started out dealing with hardships - even the three judges. She's off to Hollywood.

Koby is 26 years old from Denver, Colorado, and is a theater performer. She just did a bunch of runs and screaming.

Mills confirms that dynamic: "I think that of the three of them, Lionel is probably the most mature in the room". Katie says it is a no for her. Lionel: "Truthfully, we are in the music business, this is country, pop, R&B standing here in front of you and that voice is not going to work for records". Way to be a professional. Her claim to fame is that when she was 11-years-old, her performance of the National Anthem went viral as one of the worst renditions of the song ever.

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But this time, Julica had her biggest supporter with her, her 2-year-old daughter Mikova. That will be a great experience for her. A lot. But they send her to Hollywood to help her grow.

A Dodgeville singer/songwriter worked her way through the auditions. Once we get to Laila's actual audition, she sings "Who's Loving You". "I think that getting my original music out there, because I am a singer song writer, I play guitar and multiple instruments", she says.

Katie: "That is a fantastic song, I love where your mind is at". She will work so hard on an animation voice that she has to go back and practise her own songs just to get her voice back to normal. The trio listened to various hopefuls auditioning before it was cashier Benjamin Glaze's turn to try his luck. Then, of course, he has to sing now. Luke then pointed out that "America is going to freak" over him.

Upon that admission, Katy told the teenager, "Come here right now!"

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Nico sings a freaky song about eating worms and pretty much gets an immediate "no" from all the judges. Well, that was interesting and he finishes his audition with a burp! "You really have to know who you are so you really appreciate it".

The talent tide surged in with Noah Davis, an Arkansas nursing student who dreamed of buying an alpaca once he became the "American Idol".

A few minutes later, the two singers huddled around a hotel-lobby piano with country star Luke Bryan for a very loose version of the Jackson 5's "I'll Be There".

But gentle let-downs and commiserations don't make for drama - and Idol needs drama.

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Although she was a shy kid, it didn't take long for Harris to hone her craft, finding the power in her voice. Everyone claps and Alyssa starts to cry and Katy says she's Top 10 material. She gets a bunch of noes and rightfully so.