Apple announces creative education event on March 27


There wasn't much to gather from the invite aside from its hand-drawn nature and given the event's unexpected announcement, we really don't know much.

Apple declined to talk about the event. Whether Apple plans to take on that market with a new product, or just service it with iPads, is unclear. The invitation, which is titled 'Let's Take a Field Trip, ' says 'Join us to hear creative new ideas for teachers and students.' The event is scheduled for March 27, 2018 at 10:00 a.m.

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As a result, first responders headed to the parking lot first, wasting several minutes of time. After the staffer knocks on the door, the two quickly walk away and drive off in a golf cart.

The first product we're hoping to see is the AirPower charging mat. Additionally, Apple is expected to finally release its AirPower wireless charging mat this month. As a reminder, the AirPower mat will be able to charge any of the newest iPhones, Apple Watch Series 3s and the second-gen AirPods when they come out.

There has been word on the Apple grapevine that a cheaper MacBook Air is on the way, so perhaps that's what Tim Cook and his fellow executives will be unveiling.

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Apple has perviously worked with the Chicago public school system-the fourth-largest in the United States with around 400,000 students-and in December announced that students would soon be able to attend after-school coding classes supported by Apple.

Apple most recently launched an updated iPad Pro at WWDC a year ago.

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