Central Coast students plan to participate in National Walkout for Gun Safety


The National School Walkout, planned for March 14, is a protest taking place across the U.S.as a sign of support for the students of Parkland, Florida who are advocating for stricter gun laws following the massacre at their high school that took 17 lives.

Where: Students, teachers and administrators from across the country and in European countries have said they will participate.

In West Fargo, the 10 a.m. walkout time will talk place a few minutes before the start of third-period classes, so following the 17-minute memorial observance, participating students should go to their third-period class.

Organizers of the National School Walkout, the Women's March Network, encourage participating students to march to their city hall.

Many schools are allowing students to walk out of class for the 17 minutes and are providing additional security to ensure the actions are organized and safe. "We want to make sure that those who want to express themselves are safe".

Several superintendents across the region echoed Petrone's sentiments, expressing sympathy for students' aims but drawing a line at walking out of school facilities.

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Superintendent Lisa Witte declined to provide information on the district's plan before the nonpublic session but said the discussion would be "a general conversation in case (students) choose to participate" in the walkout.

"I'm just concerned that politicians will look at this, believe they have done something and move on to a different topic", Strauss said. Students will also protest congressional inaction on gun laws. The walkouts are not an excuse to leave class; rather, they are an important opportunity for student voices to be heard in a peaceful and respectful environment.

Bolgen Vargas, Manchester's superintendent of schools, sent a letter to parents on Friday about Wednesday's events.

"As a student we should have the right to walk into school everyday and be completely comfortable with the desk we're sitting in and not have to worry about someone worrying our education", Dixon said.

Similar events are scheduled for Wednesday at Elyria High School and Lorain County Joint Vocational School to mark the one-month anniversary of the shooting. "And I think students are in a very good position to decide what they think should be done based on those facts".

Drezek said the plan has been embraced by students, who understand concerns about safety and plan to use social media to spread the "What's Your 17?" idea.

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"I just couldn't do that".

"This backgrounder is meant to support your classroom discussions about gun violence prevention and to encourage students' thinking and debate on the issue", the co-presidents write.

"We have all but forgotten the names of the innocent victims", he said. Identity is the main issue at question tearing us apart, dividing us between those who would control a scourge and those clinging to the supremacy of the gun.

"I'd like to see everybody come together to fight for what we really want in our community and try to make that happen", Kendall said. The group also demands local and state officials reject financial support from the National Rifle Association and plans to put pressure on the private sector to stop doing business with the NRA and similar special interest groups. We are not the lovely, they are telling us, if we would reflect deeply on this moment after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is holding a rally in Prospect Park to coincide with the school walkout that's planned by students demanding gun reform.

Meanwhile, others are trying to strike a balance between interrupting the educational process and recognizing students' desires and rights to participate in civil discourse.

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