Fitbit announces Ace, a fitness wearable made for children


"We've been panning our entry into smartwatches for a while", Fitbit CEO James Park told Mashable.

As for price, the Versa is set to cost £199.99 ($199, about AU$350) in the United Kingdom, which is much cheaper than the Fitbit Ionic, as that started off at £299.95 / $299.95 / AU$449.95. The Ionic is bulky, angular, and not suitable for every size wrist - the Versa gets rid of all those pain points.

It features a modern design that reminds me of a Pebble watch (a company they bought), unlike that terrible looking thing they shipped previously, called the Ionic.

Breaking into the luxury wearable arena when it's now dominated by the likes of the Apple Watch Series 3 is no easy feat, but the Fitbit Versa may be the device that can knock Apple off its throne when it comes to fitness trackers. Both offer Fitbit Pay, allowing contactless payment (through supported banks) and both will also offer Bluetooth connections to headphones. There's even female-specific health tracking to help women keep tabs on their menstrual cycle. Adult Fitbit users who identify as female will be able to log their menstrual cycles and record symptoms directly in the Fitbit app. And that's a pivotal feature, because you need to wear it at night in order for your Fitbit to track your sleep.

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Fitbit will fold data about your cycle into the watch's Today app. According to Fitbit's press release, the new watch or app "is created to help you learn more about your menstrual cycle-and your body-so you can better understand how it affects other aspects of your health and fitness".

If you don't own music though, you'll be able to connect up a Deezer account to get streamed music on your wrist, but it looks like you'll have to download playlists or your FLOW to the watch before you start running as there's no 4G connection here. In addition, for those looking to conceive, female health tracking might become a valuable tool to monitor your reproductive health. The gauge ovulation tracking is not yet available and will come soon. Most standard fitness trackers nowadays can track your steps taken, distance traveled, how ...

Love the functionality of Fitbit (and its impressive app!), but want the aesthetic of an Apple Watch? Fitbit is trying to make the OS smoother and more intuitive, and based on my short time with the device I think it's headed in the right direction.

What's different is that the Versa will feature more personalized insights. Although Apple declines to share exact sales figures (Watch is listed under its Other category during its quarterly reports), analysts claim it is the industry's best-selling smartwatch. However, the Versa does offer a few things the Ionic does not, including a new dashboard, called Fitness Today, that collects activity stats, workout history, and health information, then uses that data to give you daily advice and inspiration.

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Fitbit has already amassed one of the largest databases of biometric data in the world with 116 billion hours of heart rate data, 6.5 billion nights of sleep, 102 trillion steps and 213 billion minutes of exercise tracked over the past decade.

It runs Fitbit OS, which is limited in scope but comes with a variety of apps through the Fitbit App Gallery.

But now, Fitbit seems to have decided that the best way to beat Apple is to. copy it.

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